Sponsor one music lesson$25.00
Sponsor two music lessons$50.00
Sponsor a group lesson$75.00
Sponsor an open mic night$100.00
Sponsor 1 child$149.00
Sponsor 2 children$298.00


Safe Schools For Alex is working in cooperation with School of Rock Boca Raton on the “Let the Music Play On!initiative aimed at helping students in need amid the coronavirus pandemic. Beyond the immediate public health impact, COVID-19 has threatened low-income communities with food insecurity, job loss, and unprecedented uncertainty. Let the Music Play On! is our way of helping middle school students in these communities who are not receiving personalized instruction as they were prior to the pandemic. Safe Schools For Alex started this initiative by donating $10,000 so that students will receive free one-on-one private online music lessons.

Alex initially fell in love with playing the trombone through online music lessons he received while in the middle school band. He then went on to play for the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Eagle Regiment Marching Band as they won their first state title in 2017.

For Alex, being in the band enabled him to make lifelong friends, improve his self-esteem, and learn that a positive work ethic would lead to great achievements. Our goal is for the “ Let the Music Play On!” initiative to foster a love of music while having a positive impact on each of the students’ lives, just as it did for Alex.

If you would like to support our initiative, please donate so we can expand this program & provide opportunities to dedicated band students across the nation.



  1. One 45 minute private one on one online music lesson
  2. One 45 minute group class for all Rickards Middle School students
  3. One 45 minute group class for all Meyer Levin School of the Performing Arts students
  4. One 45 minute open mic night for all students

Safe Schools For Alex is committed to providing the most current school safety best practices and resources to students, parents, school districts and law enforcement so that all children can learn in a safe environment. In order to continue our mission, a portion of the proceeds will be administered to organizational operating costs.

Safe Schools for Alex

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